• Tamra Coveau

Ten Pieces of Advice for Graduates

Asked on Quora: What should I do after college?

Answered by Tamra:

1. Get into an internship somewhere you specifically want to work...even an unpaid one. This is difficult when you have bills to pay or have been used to working for a paycheck.

2. Network like crazy. You are probably already doing this. People rule the world and we can all learn something from every person we meet.

3. Don't waste time reading every book on how to succeed. Read this when you need to destress after graduation: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big...by Scott Adams. It sums up a lot of the other books and it is more enjoyable/useful.

4. Don't give up. If you know what will make you happy, don't throw it away for more pay. Life is too short to compromise on your happiness.

5. Always look to improve, grow and learn when you are not in class as much as when you are in class. A lot of experiences that add to your worth are happening outside the classroom.

6. Volunteer somewhere that reminds you of your talents or your big heart or why life is so good.

7. Think about the kind of people you want to be around daily or if you don't want to be around people. Know your Myers-Briggs.

7. Pay attention to what really ticks you off. There is something worth fighting for in your passions. This is where your voice trembles or your eyes get wet and your throat gets dry.

9. You have no competition. Of course that seems not true...we are all competing, but you are unique so yes it is still true. Don't forget what makes you unique and highlight that on your resume.

10. Never give anyone more than ten pieces of advice or you start sounding pretentious and full of beans. Ha-Ha...really, keep a sense of humor...it comes in handy when you do run out of ideas/knowledge/ego. Humor keeps us humble and connected in our humanity.

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