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The Gift of Love

Asked on Quora:

What should I do to make my ex-girlfriend love me again?

Answer by Tamra Coveau:

Love is an elusive mystery…it comes to us when we least expect it. We all deserve love, but until we live that truth, we will not attract real love.

We cannot outsmart the universe and we are a part of everything in ways we do not yet understand. You cannot make someone fall in love or love you again, but you can love, grow and change the world with your love in powerful ways. We see the fruit on a branch, but forget the deep roots, the season of time, the rains, the scorching sun, the work of bees.

Love blooms where love is planted and nurtured.

What have you planted? What have you nurtured?

There is a kind of science to love…chemistry we cannot control. There is a kind of mathematics to love…we get what we give and attract our equals. There is a kind of magic to love…an illusion that blinds us to the truth of who we are and makes us appear more wonderful when someone loves us. There is a kind of reality to love…a harsh truth that mirrors our flaws as we struggle to love and it falls short. There is a poetry to love…a soulful sorrow in every joy, a smile in dark clouds. Love makes no sense and it fills every sense.

Love is a gift and a responsibility.

Sometimes we have strong reactions to our soulmates and they bring out the best and worst in us. Our actions and reactions are solely our own responsibility, but certain people affect us for a reason. You may have regret and longing all bottled up. Do not unleash all of this on your ex. If she is open to making amends, consider yourself lucky. Ask nothing of her but for forgiveness for any wrongdoing on your part. Choose to live in a manner that is worthy of it and be humble.

Love will find you when you are ready to care for love.

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