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Fool Me Once...

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"Why do man cheat and stop using protection with a lover within a month? Why did he risk transmitting STD to his wife?"

Answer by Tamra Coveau

Men cheat, for that matter women cheat for all kinds of reasons. Some of these are for the thrill of getting away with something, lack of control, fear of intimacy, desire for variety, or to feel desirable. Why someone cheats is about him or her and not the one they are cheating on or with; it is a personal issue. There is no satisfying answer to why someone cheats. No answer will make a difference and there is no way to know the real truth from someone who has deceived you before.

Cheaters are extremely selfish and the ones that risk transmitting an STD to an unaware significant other are beyond selfish. A habitual cheater will tell you it is the first time when it is only the first time he or she has been caught. You have no reason to trust a known liar or forgive someone who has put your health, heart and life at risk.

You of course have the option to stay with a cheater or leave, but do not stay to torture him/her which is really torturing yourself. You have been hurt enough, so do whatever it is that heals you and brings you into a better place. You are not to blame. Take care of yourself, get tested for STD's immediately, talk to a very trusted mentor or counselor alone. This is not the time for denial or escape. Face your fears, your choices and the reality of your situation. Only you can make the next right step for yourself. You are in control.

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