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Mirror, Mirror and Marriage Mistakes

Asked on Quora:

Would it be wrong if I marry a woman despite not finding her as the prettiest and admitting it to her after marriage?

Answer by Tamra Coveau:

Honestly is not an excuse for cruelty. It would be wrong for you to marry anyone if you believe it would be acceptable to deceive her beforehand about your feelings and then dump them on her after the ceremony. Why are you marrying her to begin with? Is this an arranged marriage or one that you wish to enter based upon your will? No one is “the prettiest” and beauty is subjective.

There is someone in this world that may find her to be beautiful inside and out. Ask her what she thinks of your looks if you dare…you may have to hear her honest response, a polite deception or she may wonder if you are having second thoughts. It is important to consider the importance of honesty, kindness and the seriousness of this commitment before entering into marriage.

If you do decide to go through with a life long commitment, remember that how you treat your wife will affect your own happiness daily for the rest of your life. Treat her like your beautiful, smart, talented Queen, and you will live like a King. Treat her like a Jester and you will be the Fool.

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