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Asked on Quora:

"Why do men hate women with short hair?"

Answered by Tamra Coveau

I can speak from my own experience on this one. Men love women...And Variety!!! I have had every hair color and cut imaginable...Okay except bald. You are more than your hair or any other one feature, so whatever suits your style and frames your own face best to you is what matters.

Do not let a hairstylist, the latest trend or some lame "guys only like long hair" lie be a factor. Guys like attractive women, and attractive women come in all colors, shapes, and hairstyles. Society and media may project certain sexual and beauty stereotypes, but do not buy into it.

Do look at lots of pictures, go to a trusted and experienced stylist for advice and then make your own choice out of confidence. You are the one who will live with the results. Men love women with long, blonde, black, red, short, straight, curly, afro, highlighted, platinum, spiked, pink, and yes...even with no hair. Mostly men love confidence! So, don't worry so much. Ultimately, you want someone that will be attracted to you when you are comfortable in your own skin...

And hair;)

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