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Mastering the Laws of Attraction

Asked on Quora:

"Why woman has attraction as compared to man?"

Answered by Tamra Coveau:

Both women and men have attractive qualities. These attractive characteristics are physical, but also a part of someone’s personality, individuality and biology.Sometimes we are attracted to someone for reasons we don’t even realize. Women and men both prefer healthy mates.

There are many generalities about attractiveness based on studies that suggest we are wired for attraction, but really it is a matter not only of personal taste but choice. Sometimes we are attracted to someone because they represent something for us that we do not have. While it is great to find a compatible person, it is not wise to find someone to fill a void.

Happiness and wholeness come from within. When you are happy and love yourself, you will become more attractive. Attraction is part mystery, part history and part choice. We attract people who are at our same level of emotional health, and we learn from our experiences or we repeat them. Be a learner, and you will attract a true compliment; someone who will grow with you into old age and be the most attractive partner you have ever had.

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