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Capitalism with a Conscience?

Capitalism with a Conscience?

Posted on April 21, 2015

Asked on Quora:

"Do people ever post ideas to facebook or twitter?"

Answer by Tamra Coveau:

Yes! People are connecting with family, friends, and corporations through social media on a regular basis. Computer mediated communication has become a normal means of human communication as we have become more comfortable and dependent on technology for work, play and socialization.

Corporations want to establish brand loyalty and develop client relationships through social networking sites and be ever present on multi-platforms. Marketing strategies must now go beyond point of sale retail and short term effects. It is obvious that business benefits from this social relationship between consumers and the market.

Since consumers are interested in becoming more integrated into their own experience as buyers and dictating the market through political and social awareness campaign of their own, business is forced to listen. While capitalism prevails, nonetheless, consumers are influencing the marketplace through social media.

People are concerned with these issues and more: Fairtrade, high quality, fitness, healthy living, health, farm to fork local and organic produce, social equality, sustainability, employee policies, charitable giving, and support for local communities. It is absolutely crucial that -consumers demand corporate liability at every level of production. Big business does listen, because social media is leveling the playing field.

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