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Searching for a Soulmate

Asked on Quora:

"Where do I have the greatest chance of meeting a potential soul mate?"

Answer by Tamra Coveau:

You have the greatest chance of meeting your soul mate where you are on your spiritual path. In fact you can only travel so far on your own. We have many soul mates…people who come into our lives for the purpose of mutual soul growth. Sometimes these are friendships, romances or just an amazing twenty-minute conversation on the train.

We recognize these people right away, they seem familiar, and we are drawn to them for reasons we cannot explain. Our soul mates mirror for us the place we are on our spiritual journey. Sometimes we fall into conversation or even quietness and other times there is a word or look that pins us to the truth we have been trying to avoid.

If you are open for growth, you are open to finding soul mates. Humans need and desire connections at varying levels and times, but your soul mate resonates on your frequency. There is chemistry, not a sexual spark necessarily, but a physical chemistry nonetheless that draws the two of you into a single space.

Some people believe that we can will our soul mate into our lives, with intention and consciousness. Many books and speakers espouse these new age philosophies and make a lot of money doing so whether or not it works. I believe that the people we attract are not based on the law of attraction in the way that “like attracts like,” although people who share a similar healthy habit or unhealthy addiction often flock together. A real soul mate is someone that challenges your habits and awakens your being. This is why when we meet someone and fall for him or her as a friend or potential love it is so exciting.

We have not just found a person; we have found ourselves through this person. A soul mate reflects back to you yourself in a way that speaks to your whole self, and not just what you project or the world generally sees. A soul mate sees through your ego, your persona, your possessions, your pain, your smile, your circumstance.

Are you ready to be vulnerable? A soul mate will not mess around. Sometimes they will piss you off and challenge you. Two soul mates that truly respect and love one another are also the mirrors that show each other the truth often without saying a word. They are the people we cannot lie to, and the ones that make us aware of all the false beliefs we have held.

A true soul mate will not judge us or stop loving us in our messiest hours. They will show up for us and make your life better for knowing them. These are brave good souls to have in your life. Some are just passing through and some will come in and out of your life over the years.

Will there be a special one that comes and stays for the journey? I do not know. I do know that when I have needed a soul mate, the universe has sent me one, and that a soul mate will stay as long as two people are able and keep choosing to grow together. We can't control others or their path, but we can choose to keep growing, keep open to life and love and learning. Your soul will thank you.

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