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Hope When We Feel Hopeless

Asked on Quora:

"I am so depressed about everything. What can I do?"

Answer by Tamra Coveau

I hear you. You matter. Everybody feels hurt and loss at times. This pain you are feeling will pass. Yes life can be harsh, but it is like a river always moving forward and I promise that you will move out of this painful experience and into new appreciation for life.

Where to Get Help for Depression

The thing to remember is that you do not have to go through it alone.

Crisis Services | 24-Hour Help Hotline

There are other people in your life. Maybe you have only focused on this one person and that is why you feel such emptiness and loss.

Surviving a Friendship Break Up

I promise that you have other people in your life that you have forgot about that would like to be in your life more and share good and bad times with.

TEEN LINE | Teens Helping Teens – Connect, talk, get help!

Friends, real friends will come and maybe someone else very near you is feeling lonely, too. Reach out to people and they will respond.

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You are not your pain. You are a valuable, loving and loveable person with a lot to offer. This is evident in how much you care for this person. You will find friends and more laughter and joy. Life will be challenging at times, but you will rise to those challenges. You are strong enough to let yourself feel this pain in your heart and live. You do not have to cut to feel this pain.

How To Stop Cutting?

A funny thing happens when we allow ourselves to acknowledge the truth of our pain…we survive and it goes away..sometimes a little at a time and sometimes in a big surprising way.

Life will bring change, that much is guaranteed to all of us, and we as humans are quite adaptable. This loss may turn out to be a good thing. That happens sometimes. Something we fear happens or something bad and we feel stuck in that situation, but that situation is not us. We are not the pain. We feel the pain. We are humans capable of feelings lots of things…some very wonderful. You will get through this, but you have an important choice.

The choice is how you will get through it. Choose to share, open up with people you trust and find that the burden is lighter. You are right that life is full of pain, but it is full of love and change and people that want to help you through it.

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Someday, you will be called upon to help someone else through it. Be here to care for yourself, and later you can care for someone you love that needs you. We all have a purpose in this life…one purpose underneath all our plans that go right or wrong..one purpose that is to love..start with yourself. Remember these everyday:

  • You are worthy of love

  • You are worthy of life

  • You are worthy of health

  • You are worthy to create good

  • You are worthy as a friend

  • You are worthy to feel

  • You are worthy right now

  • You are worthy from your toes to your head

  • You are worthy inside and out

  • You are worthy of being heard

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