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Asked on Quora:

"What are the top three most important things a clever child should do before starting puberty?"

Answered by Tamra Coveau

Intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence are two separate things. A child is still a child no matter how high the Intelligence Quotient test determines. My advice is to remember not to lose that perspective, because maturity is something one earns over time and with experiences that cannot and should not be rushed.

Enjoy the moment you are in and the stages of development physically, psychologically and emotionally. We do live in an age of information and it can be overwhelming to say the least. It can also lead to a false sense of knowledge, and true wisdom lies in discernment of which information to ingest and what to discard.

The three things a clever child should do are these:

  • Enjoy being a child, being creative, silly and innocent.

  • Discover and learn as much from books as from people, stay connected, curious and humble.

  • Know that your worthiness comes from within, and that we are here to love, be kind and help one another grow as humans. We are all connected in the web of life..that is true wisdom.

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