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10 Things to Lift Your Mood Now!

Asked on Quora:

What are the 10 things that can cheer up the women's mood?

Answered by Tamra Coveau

Dear MoodMaker,

I'm going to answer your question more broadly, since women are people. (Women are people? Feminism 101)

Ten things to lift anyone's spirit...provided they are they are in the mood for it;)

  1. Healthy Food...most of us get cranky if we are hungry or eating too much junk food. 11 Instant Mood-Boosting Foods

  2. Sunshine! A little sunlight boosts your mood and immunity. Sunlight and Vitamin D improve mood

  3. Aromatherapy! Inhale a favorite scent..lavender or oranges do it for most people. 6 Scents That Can Transform Your Mood and Productivity

  4. Exercise! It's as easy as taking a walk or dancing. The exercise effect

  5. Play that funky music! Anything upbeat and positive will lift your spirits. How Music Changes Your Mood

  6. Try something new instead of buying something new! Health and Happiness - TIME

  7. Appreciate all the abundance in your life! Less can really be more! 9 Reasons Why Buying Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

  8. Get your color on! Color affects mood so take inventory of your feelings and your surroundings. Notice what colors are influencing you and take control of coloring your world where you can. Can Color Really Change How You Feel and Act?

  9. Know the difference between occasional mood swings and symptoms of something more serious. Sometimes people need more than a quick fix, and depression that lasts can be serious. mayoclinic.org

  10. Karmic Mood Booster! Give back and volunteer when you can and what you get back will be amazing.

  11. Bonus! Here's one more than expected and it might be the most

surprising.."Happiness can be synthesized." Dan Gilbert

  1. Double Bonus!! We have amazing brains that despite our circumstances can create our experiences. We choose our reactions to events and have control over more than we think...ourselves. 6 Weird Things That Make You Happy

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