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Dangerous Liaisons...

What do you do when you like your best friend's boyfriend? Asked on Quora.

4/06/2015 Answered by Tamra Coveau

Dear Dangerous Liaisons, This is a situation that has come to ruin many best friendships, so pay careful attention. First, let's examine the facts. This is your BEST friend. Do not do anything to damage that relationship. If you cross any line, it may be unrepairable. Second, you "like" something that does not belong to you. If it were a sweater, you could ask to borrow it or better yet buy your own. This is a human being and you must be aware that you would be playing with three hearts if you crossed a line. Very likely, your own would be the worst for damage. Do not confess your attraction to him, hint of it or flirt. Third, you are very lucky. You have a best friend. You live in a world where a best friend is hard to come by. You live in a world where boyfriends are a dime a dozen. Take a dime out of your pocket. Look at it. This is what you would be throwing your friendship away over.

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