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Is Your Daughter Dating a Stranger?

How do I get my parents to allow me to meet a guy I met online? Asked on Quora. Answered 2/5/2015

by Tamra Coveau

I am glad that you know it is dangerous to meet a stranger with whom you have only been online acquainted. It is easy for someone online to mirror your interests and make it seem like the two of you have a lot in common. People who are good manipulators use this technique to fake a bond with their target, whom they are trying to get something from. I hope that you have not given this stranger your address. The fact that he said he is willing to come to your house is a huge red flag. No one has any business coming to your house, until you know them in real life and they have earned your trust and your mom is home and allows it. Truly, this is a scenario that could go bad quickly if this guy is a creep. He only "seems" like a "great guy" because he is trying to win you over for a purpose. A really great guy would not push to meet at your house, where you are vulnerable. A really great guy will not ask you to lie to your mom or hide anything from her, whether or not she is protective. A really great guy will have to earn your trust and is happy to meet you with your parent's knowledge, in public and never alone the first couple times at least. Do some investigating and google this guy to see if who he says he is matches up in real life. Stay on guard. There a so many guys in this world that are great, so don't waste any time on any that pressure you, ask you to do anything devious, push for their own agenda, or make you uncomfortable in any way. Unfortunately there are enough creeps in the world to make it absolutely necessary for you to protect yourself and keep your guard up. This is not just about your age, it is about your safety.

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