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Should Republicans always expect a double standard in accountability when it comes to the media and liberals?

Posted on Quora April 2, 2015

Answer by Tamra Coveau:

Dear Republican Refugee,

The media is suppose to be neutral on reporting the facts...no really, no really. Okay, in theory the media are suppose to be neutral in presenting the American people with the facts, so that we can think for ourselves...no really, no really. The media are suppose to be watchdogs looking out for corporate greed, political corruption, human rights violations and social injustice. It does not help that only six corporations own most of American media.

Graphic: How Just 6 Corps Own 90% of The Media

So while we watch the tennis match like political games between Republicans and Democrats we are watching a game that is corporation approved. It hardly matters who "wins" in a fixed game...the point is that when our eyes are on the ball and hypnotically following the game played by the two sides, we are not noticing the real players..the corporations.

Real journalism is exposing more than political rhetoric. I suggest starting by viewing equal amounts of various news media in different mediums to begin to adjust your lens for true journalism. Sometimes the truth sneaks in and sometimes it is shouted from the rooftops, but there is so much other din, it takes some fine tuning.


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