• Tamra Coveau

What Science has Done to the Egg will Change Your Life!

What does an egg have to do with changing our habits, our daily lives and our very selves? Well, it turns out that science has figured out how to "unboil" an egg. We have all heard the common phrase, "You can't unboil an egg." It is a warning that once something is done it cannot be undone, and certainly one can argue that is true for many things. However, the egg has always been a symbol for life, for brand new life and new beginnings.

This perfect cell, creation of the universe is now known to be "unboilable." Yes, it is a word. The significance of this revolutionary science is yet unknown, but as a symbolic discovery the potential is obvious. Maybe you have let pressure, stress, the heat of life boil the fun, the creativity and the potential right out of you. Look to the egg. Now what is it going to take for you to "unboil" yourself, your mindset that you have accepted as a permanent hard shell over your own true potential ? It's going to take three things:

Open your mind to the realization that you have been boiled in some area of yourself or your life.

Open your heart to the what the pain of being spiritually boiled feels like right now.

Open your life and choose one action that will start the process of unboiling yourself and your life.

Yes, you are not an egg...and your life is filled with obligations and complications. That is only part of your story and your ego's way of keeping you stuck in the boiling pot. The other part of your story begins today in this moment. This is where the magic begins! You have already started feeling the difference just reading this and struggling with your ego, and your objections.

Those are the signs that there is another part of you that wants to let go of that noise, chaos and tug of war. You can't ignore the babbling boiling bubbles once you hear them in your life, that cacophony that you've been humming along with like a lullaby has put your soul to sleep. It is time to wake up and smell the sulphur! What part of your boiled life stinks? Unboil yourself today! Take a look at those three steps again, and associate them with your morning breakfast as a reminder of all the potential, all the greatness that you still have.

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