• Tamra Coveau

We Are No Longer Human

We are no longer human. We are evolved human technology hybrids.

We are living beings joined with technology objects to extend our reach in obtaining the greatest object of all; knowledge. Technology objects allow humans access channels to find, share, edit and add to the world of knowledge. Technology objects allow mass media access channels to find, share, edit and add to the world of knowledge. Technology objects allow humans to access mass media at the cost of allowing mass media to access humans, which is a corporate dream come true.The discovery of tools, especially of fire shifted human development forever. Technology and innovation continue to add to the complexity of our humanity.

This new corporate marketing power has only just began to exercise its reach into the lives of humans, which have been redefined from private citizens to consumers and redefined again into commodity objects themselves becoming the intellectual property of corporate powers to be bought and sold by corporations and finally become the target audience in an attempt to sell back themselves. If the marketing campaign hits the target audience successfully, that audience wants to share that knowledge because they believe they are sharing a part of themselves and increasing the power of identity with their new techno-self.

We are giving ourselves away and buying ourselves back seemingly willingly, but perhaps not consciously. Marketers define the target audience as "users" of technology with the aim of encouraging users to spread their advertising campaigns for them, to other users, hoping to make the product they are selling something that the user believes will reflect upon them positively. It is the consumers job to bring awareness into technology use, and form a symbiotic relationship with the technology in which the subject, the human is not lost or second to the corporate objective. The technology market is hot, so hot we might just get burned if we don't figure out how to control it and keep it from controlling our humanity.

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